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Our goal is to create opportunities through education and medicine in Télimélé, Guinea, as well as to empower young women and girls.

In recent years, we have set up a medical school, together with many volunteer supporters. Midwives, nurses and medical assistants are trained at the institute. In addition, the project includes a hospital, a lab, a boarding school for female students and a crèche for their children. We deeply thank all donors and helpers! Projekt Misside Guinea e.V. manages and coordinates the project, both in Germany as well as on site in Guinea.


Télimélé is a territory in the region of Kindia in Guinea with about 280,000 inhabitants. It is located in 230 kilometres distance from Conakry (capital city). In Télimélé, young people have few educational opportunities, which urges them to emigrate. In addition, women are often disadvantaged and married very early.